Deploy your Hugo site through SSH with Travis

Static site generation leverages website content management through version-control systems. With the help of CI tools, we can set up automatic deployment via SSH. This article shows how to do such deployment using Hugo and Travis CI.
Deploy your Hugo site through SSH with Travis

After having moved my blog from WordPress to Hugo, my next objective was to have it built and deployed automatically to my own webhosting server whenever I push a commit to GitHub. The main reasons to use this process are these:

  • I want that any change or addition to the website are as easy to deploy as a simple git commit;
  • I want my builds to be reproducible;
  • I want a clean state for each build;
  • I don’t want to be dependent on an external hosting service (no lock-in);
  • I don’t want to have to worry about a computer crash or about my own Internet connection.

I use this process for about a year to deploy the MoodleBox documentation website (about 200 pages), and for a few days for deploying this blog (more than 600 pages!). It works great 👍

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